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Growing Well Newsletter - Nov. 16, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!! There’s so much to talk about and be thankful for! And we’re more than thankful that the long warm fall has let us make so many changes both to the store and to the outside nursery area. Check out both when you come to check out our holiday programs and gifts (we continue to stock your favorite pet, farm & garden supplies!)

The holiday season does approach and with it comes the end of the growing season (unless you’re grow- ing under cover – high tunnels are IN). This week is colder than normal and that follows a lovely late fall warm spell and our delivery of wood pellets have arrived just in time. We currently have Energex pellets in stock.

We hope you got your late fall mineral work done in your gardens and that you’re planning on getting your garlic and spring bulbs in (if you haven’t already done so). I’ve planted daffodils and tulips as late as De- cember 15th with a crowbar – they bloomed in July the next year and normally after that. It’s safe to plant garlic through November and we have some excellent locally grown seed garlic still available at the count- er.

A thought for consideration – garlic can actually use more nutritional support than a lot of people think. We grew our garlic in one of our richest beds (by accident!) and found the results to be truly superb. The ma- ture bulbs were three times the original bulbs that we had planted. Even though it’s considered late, we’re aiming to get our garlic planted on Thanksgiving Sunday. We’ve got our planting area (at the side of our best tomato bed) capped with black landscape fabric and will pull it off to plant. The early part of Decem- ber is supposed to warm up and we should get some rooting before freeze up. If you’re curious – here’s a link to reassure those other gardeners who are late to plant either because of procrastination or a frantic life -

And THANKS to our four-footed friends of the canine persuasion... December 2nd is National Mutt Day. Our Facebook followers will get to vote between November 16th and December 1st on their favorite pic- tures that have been submitted to Facebook this week The winner will be announced on December 2nd. Come in on December 2nd with or without your pup and receive a treat and a toy, while supplies last. Winner of the Best Mutt Contest will receive a basket of toys and treats for their special pup.

Holiday extravaganza!! We’re starting off our first holiday at The Good Earth with a bang. Lots of balsam wreaths, roping, kissing balls... For those of you who might remember the early Sterling Greenery days (long ago and far away now!!! – in the 80’s!!!) we’ll also have all kind of decorated wreaths, custom bows and picks available for purchase. There are lots of different kinds of gifts as well – all store content related. Make sure you check out the mugs and glasses with dogs/cats and other animals. You’ll also find local honey, maple syrup, molded goat milk soaps (wait until you see these -from Nigerian Dwarf goat milk – our breed but not our goats!!), herbs and more – all from producers/makers in the immediate region – come in and support local!

Now for some fun – here’s the list of workshops that we’re hosting at the store this holiday season. You’ll need to call ahead to reserve a seat 978-632-0991. WreathDecorating – 6 sessions limit – 8 per session $44/wreath, $39/wreath 2 or more per registration – ornament bar additional Take a 12” balsam wreath and make it your own! We’ll have a collection of classic decorations for you to choose from as well as an “ornament bar” that will highlight all kinds of fun animal and seasonal additions. We can teach you to tie your own bow – or make one for you. Cocoa and cookies with the Saturday sessions and wine and cheese for the evening session. Am/pm = 10-11:30 in the morning and 1-2:30 in the afternoon Dates: 11/26 am and pm, 12/3 am and pm, 12/8 evening, 12/10 pm only HolidayBandanas limit – 8 per session $15/bandana, $12/bandana 2 or more per registration Every member of the family should be dressed for the holidays! Bandanas are an easy way to include ev- eryone – especially the family dog. We’ll provide the bandana and various fabric paints and decorations. You create that unique look for your pup – or rabbit or even an extraordinary cat! Date: 12/1 evening 5-6:30pm Birdseed Ornaments limit – 8 per session $15/ornament – and you’ll take home the cookie cutter to make more at home! Learn how to make your own ornaments – first for your tree and then for the trees outside. You’ll be able to bring the holidays to all of the local birds who visit your yard. Appropriate for all ages. Cocoa and cookies to make sure everyone is cared for! Date: 12/10 10-11:30 in the morning Decorate aRosemary “Tree” limit – 8 per session $35/tree – and you’ll learn the trick of wintering a rosemary plant We’ll provide a rosemary plant and teach you to shape and then decorate it with small ornaments. We’ll also teach you how to try and get it through the winter (hint – it LIKES cold – just not freezing – temps!) It seems appropriate that we add wine and cheese for the evening – seems to fit the herbal theme... Date: 12/15 evening 5-6:30pm

And ourInauguralHoliday OpenHouse! December 17, 2022, 10:00am -2:30pm

We’re hosting a group of local growers and makers in to the store so that they can introduce you to some of the wonderful talent for all kinds of local production that’s all around us!

We’re also thrilled to provide a unique and delightful flower decorating class in the afternoon – 1:00-2:30pm hosted by family friends from Long Island, NY. They’re great fun to work with and will help you craft a clas- sic holiday arrangement for your own holiday celebrations.

Workshop size limited and there is an additional fee for the flowers. Please call ahead to reserve a seat for the flower arranging portion of the event 978-632-0991

Come and join the party!! See you at the store!

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