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Chick Order Forms

If it's easier- all forms in one file.

Breed Information

Barred Rock: American, Dual,Brown egg, 240/year,Docile,Hardy

Black Australorp: English, Brown egg, 260/year, Docile, Hardy

Black Copper Marans: France,Layer,Dark Brown egg, 200/year,Docile,Hardy

Blue Australorp: Australia,Dual,Brown eggs,240/year,Docile,Hardy

Blue Copper Marans: Continental,Layer,Dark brown egg, 200/year,Docile,Hardy

Buff Chantecler: American,Brown egg, 240/year,Hardy 

Buff Orpington: English, Dual,Brown egg, 200/year, Docile, Hardy 

Colombian Wyandotte: American,Dual,Brown egg, 220/year,Docile,Hardy            

Cornish Rock St Runs: English, Meat, Hardy (meat bird)

Easter Eggers: American,Layer,Green/Blue egg, 240/year,Docile,Hardy 

Frizzle Cochin Bantam (unsexed): Small bird, small eggs 

Gold Wyandotte: American, Dual, Brown egg, 220/year,Docile,Hardy 

*GUINEA ST RUNS*: Africa, Pest(tick) Control/Meat,Speckled egg (small), Flighty,not hardy

HC Duck St Run: Hatchery Choice

Ideal 236 : American, Layer, White egg, 280/year, Hardy

Khaki Campbell Duck St Run: Dual purpose, White egg, 165-210/year,Hardy              

Light Brahma: Asiatic,Dual,Brown egg, 160/year,Docile,Hardy,Large bird

Olive Eggers:American,Layer,Olive green,200/year,Docile,Hardy      Partridge Chantecler: American,Dual,Brown egg,240/year,Hardy

Rhode Island Red: American,Dual,Brown egg, 280/year,Hardy

Silkie Bantam (unsexed): Small bird, small eggs

Salmon Faverolle: Continental ,Dual,Brown egg, Docile,Hardy 

Speckled Sussex: English,Brown egg, 220/year,Docile.Hardy 

Welsummer: Continental,Dual,Dark Brown egg,200/year,Docile,Hardy

White Pekin Duck St Run: Meat, white egg, 150-200/year, Calm, Fair hardiness

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